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Guangzhou-zhuhai intercity Jiang Zhan railway trial of an electronic ticket Mobile phones and code easily, such as the subway station

Golden sheep eye webex Reporter marzahn reports:“It's very convenient to you,A cell phone all done,To take the subway。”8Month1The date,Jiang Zhan and guangzhou-zhuhai intercity railway bullet train trial of an electronic ticket,On the taste“Head with her soup”Passengers are thumb up。The two lines...
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Private car electronic like guangdong province can do 21Cities are included in the scope of the pilot

Since2018Years9Month1The date,The ministry of public security bureau deployed across the country15A pilot city non-operational small miniature passenger car like to archive electronic business。Guangzho、Shenzhen、Dongguan、Zhongshan is the first batch of pilot cities。This year6Month1The date,Pilot expanded to the whole...
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Eastern airlines flight attendants Zhong Miao:Xiuwaihuizhong,Smile is the whole!

“Remember the learned at school‘Security is greater than the service’,Now finally empathy。Every day the most happy is to see the moment that successful landing aircraft landing gear,The passenger safety service satisfaction is the biggest reward。Even if it is only from the passengers...
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2018Annual per capita to read4This paper books,Can you dragging it?

“Just print book…kindleSuch as no name” “Shame,Four books per capita,Some people may couldn't finish reading a book for a year” “I'm afraid the data is come out of print book sales and population statistics” According to the People's Daily,The first16National countries...
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